AUD to HKD Exchange Rate and more

Travel like a local in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is best known as a shoppers’ paradise. However there is so much more to Hong Kong than shopping. Visitors can enjoy views of the city from high altitude, sample local food, celebrate festivals, watch sports competitions, and visit movie settings in the city. You can also take advantage of the visa-free policy and convenient transport. Your travel to and within Hong Kong can be easy, relaxing, joyful and meaningful. To avoid being stuck with nasty international credit card fees, swap some AUD to HKD before you leave for Hong Kong.

Use our currency calculator for AUD to HKD in order to help you understand how much things will cost on your holiday or simply sign up to our Rate Alert and we can send you a notification when your desired rate hits the market. Being one of the most traded currency in the world your best to get your travel budget early and watch for the best exchange rate for your trip.

The Hong Kong Dollar?

The Hong Kong dollar was unified as legal tender in 1937. Just like other dollars, the Hong Kong dollar ($) is divided into 100 cents (c) or 100 sin (in Cantonese). Coins come in 10c, 20c, 50c, $1, $2, $5 and $10 varieties, while Hong Kong banknotes can be found in $10, $20, $50, $100, $150, $500 and $1,000 denominations. The HKD is the 13th most traded currency in the world, despite only being used in Hong Kong and Macau.

So how much cash do i need in Hong Kong? The cost of travelling and living in Hong Kong is on average 6.22% higher than Australia, so it may be wise to carry a bit more cash on you than you would at home.

Average Prices:

Bottle of water: $8 HKD
Bottle of beer: $50 HKD
Cappuccino: $35 HKD
Meal at basic restaurant: $50 HKD
Meal at Mcdonalds: $35 HKD



Remember to try and use up all your coins before you return home