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Travel like a local in Jordan

With a population of only 10 million, some people might think that Jordan has little to offer as a travel destination. However, most travellers who choose to spend time in the country are surprised at the diversity and staggering beauty of it and will leave feeling touched by the generosity and kindness of its people. From stunning natural landscapes to world-renowned historical and religious sites, Jordan is truly a hidden gem of the Middle East.

Use our currency calculator for AUD to JOD in order to help you understand how much things will cost on your holiday or simply sign up to our Rate Alert and we can send you a notification when your desired rate hits the market. Being one of the most traded currency in the world your best to get your travel budget early and watch for the best exchange rate for your trip.

The Fijian Jordanian Dinars?

The Jordanian Dinar has been the official currency of Jordan since 1950 when it replaced the Palestinian pound and is divided into 10 dirham, 100 qirsh (also called piasters) or 1,000 fils. This is why there are so many different Jordanian coins, including ½ qirsh, 1 qirsh, 2 ½ qirsh, 5 piasters, 10 piasters, ¼ dinar, ½ dinar and 1 dinar. The denominations for banknotes are 1, 5, 10, 20, 50 dinars. When arriving in Jordan it may be smart to break up some of your larger banknotes as it can sometimes be hard to pay for things in high value currency. If you are arriving from Israel know that no israeli shekels are allowed to be imported into Jordan and all other currencies must be declared. Also note when leaving Jordan the maximum amount of JOD you can take with you is 300.

Average Prices

Bottle of Water: 0.25 JOD
Beer: 5 JOD
Cappuccino: 2.25 JOD
Dinner at cheap restaurant: 5 JOD
Dinner at mid-ranged restaurant: 25 JOD



Remember to try and use up all your coins before you return home