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Travel like a local in the Czech Republic

Despite being landlocked, the Czech Republic is definitely a place you should visit! Nicknamed as the “heart of Europe”, the country stands in the very center of Europe. Prague is the beautiful capital of the Czech Republic with a population of about 1 million inhabitants. Prague has become one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations for many reasons with many things to do and see: the famous Charles Bridge, the world’s biggest castle, John Lennon wall, the Old Town Square and obviously all the hidden places you can reach if you go off the beaten path! Although the Czech Republic is not one of the cheapest european countries, when visiting you can still get a nice hotel room for less than 1200 Kč ($78) a night! And if you avoid extremely overpriced areas around the main tourist attractions, a meal at a decent restaurant will cost you about less than 500 Kč ($32.50) including drinks!

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The Czech Koruna?

The Koruna has been the official currency of the Czech Republic since 1993 when Czechoslovakia was split into the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The koruna was once divided into 100 haler (just like our cents) but hal coins have been out of use since 2008. So if anything has haler included in the price, it’ll be rounded to the nearest koruna. As a member of the EU, the Czech Republic is legally-bound to adopt the use of the euro in the future. The planned transition of the koruna to the euro was set for 2010, but was postponed due to low popularity, with only 16% of Czech Republic citizens favouring the introduction of the euro. The denominations for Czech banknotes are 100Kč, 200Kč, 500 Kč, 1,000Kč, 2,000Kč, 5,000Kč. The denominations for Czech coins are 1Kč, 2Kč, 5Kč, 10Kč, 20Kč, 50Kč.

Average Prices

Bottle of Water: 20 Kč
Beer: 35 Kč
Cappuccino: 47 Kč
Meal at a restaurant: 140.00 Kč



Remember to try and use up all your coins before you return home