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Travel like a local in Hungary

From its cosmopolitan capital city to its charming countryside, there are plenty of reasons to put a trip to Hungary on your travel bucket list. The central European country offers something for everyone, from mouth-watering food to traditional folk culture. Hungary’s countryside is filled with naturally beautiful sights, and the best part is they’re often relatively undiscovered and unspoiled! From the natural landscapes of the Hortobágy National Park to the stunning caves of Lillafüred, Hungary’s countryside is both beautiful and peaceful.

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The Hungarian Forint?

The official currency of Hungary is the Forint. It has been in circulation since 1946 and was originally divided into 100 fillér, but fillér coins are no longer in circulation. The denominations for Hungarian banknotes are 500 Ft, 1,000 Ft, 2,000 Ft, 5,000 Ft, 10,000 Ft, 20,000 Ft. The Denominations for Hungarian coins are 5 Ft, 10 Ft, 20 Ft, 50 Ft, 100 Ft, 200 Ft

How much money do i need in Hungary? For anyone looking for a budget destination with plenty to offer, Hungary is a great choice. Budapest itself is relatively cheap for a capital city, with affordable food, drink and attractions (many of the city’s famous sights are totally free to visit, such as the Fisherman’s Bastion and Chain Bridge). Further outside the capital, prices go even further down.

Average Prices

Bottle of Water: 240 ft
Beer: 450 ft
Cappuccino: 420 ft
Dinner at a restaurant: 2000 ft
Meal at Mcdonalds (or equivalent) : 1500 ft



Remember to try and use up all your coins before you return home